“The Mountain And The Viper” Review

Posted: June 3, 2014 in Game Of Thrones

GOTBRRRRRAfter taking a week off Game Of Thrones fans were thrown back into the fire and were given a episode for the ages. This one was one that a lot of book fans were waiting for all season I would even go as far to say it was for anticipated more than the Purple Wedding. Prince Oberyn became a fan favorite character not only in the show but in the books. We were teased on how good the Red Viper was in combat all season long even more so in the books and this episode we got to finally see it. By all accounts Oberyn was set up to win and we all expect him to.

We start this one off in Molestown which is interesting because I am sorry to say but I really don’t care what happens to Gilly. Anyways In Molestown, a brothel woman accuses GIlly of failing to keep her baby quiet, just before Ygritte and the other Wildlings attack. Ygritte manages to find Gilly hiding with young Sam, though Ygritte ignores the woman, motioning for her to keep quiet, while her fellow Wildlings rage. Afterward, the elder Sam laments that he failed to protect Gilly, Jon also knows that the Wall is next its only a matter of time. Ygritte has been really underplayed this season she’s maybe racked up 3 minutes of screen time. I think she should get more because she was such a vital part in Jon’s life. Also I think the brothers should start toughening up Sam instead of babying him cause a big battle is on the horizon.

Meanwhile in Meeren Grey Worm and the other Unsullied bathe in a stream, as Grey Worm finds himself fixating on the similarly naked Missandei in the distance. Afterward, Missandei tells Daenerys of the incident, leading the Mother of Dragons to wonder how much of the Unsullied have been cut beyond their castration. Shortly thereafter, Grey Worm finds Missandei in the throne room and apologizes for his behavior, thanking Missandei for his English lessons as well, as both admit to being glad to have seen one another in the stream. I think I have said this before but if not I’ll say it here I am not a fan of this romance. unless this leads to another big story for the show I’m just not a fan.

After being reminded of his “cover” as Theon Greyjoy, “Reek” rides into Moat Cailin and identifies himself to the Ironborn as the heir to Balon Greyjoy, assuring the men they’ll all be spared if they surrender the moat to Ramsay Bolton. The ailing commander refuses to bend the knee to a traitor, before one of his subordinates stabs the man from behind and gladly accepts the terms of surrender, though Ramsay shortly thereafter skins the men regardless. Elsewhere, the council of the Vale question the validity of Petyr Baelish’s appearance and Lysa’s subsequent “suicide,” though Sansa surprisingly backs up the tale, identifying herself as Ned Stark’s daughter and openly weeping at having witnessed her aunt’s jealous degradation. This was Sansa’s big moment this season and she killed it.

While the Unsullied continually remove the crucified masters from their post, Barristan Selmy receives a mysterious letter delivered by a young former slave. Reading the letter, Barristan takes the news to Jorah, identifying the parchment as a royal pardon from the late King Robert Baratheon, and deducing that Jorah had spied on Daenerys for the crown. Jorah attempts to plead his case to Dany in her throne room, though she realizes that Jorah had been responsible for the attempted poisoning of her and Khal Drogo’s unborn child, and banishes Jorah altogether, in spite of his pleas. This is a deviation from the book because in the book Selmy has been in disguise as another person and Dany finds out that it is actually Selmy. Then Selmy reveals to Dany that Jorah has been a spy. Dany is angry with both of them and sends them on a dangerous mission to prove their loyalty. They ultimately succeed and Selmy asks for forgiveness Dany grants this as for Jorah he does the same but Dany is not so accepting of this and banishes him. I see why this show went this way because Selmy would have had to a been in disguise since season 3 and that would have been way to long for the viewer to remember who he was.

Meanwhile back in Westros up in the north Ramsay brings his father the flag of Moat Cailin, as Roose in turn provides his son with a parchment officially proclaiming him a Bolton and heir to Roose’s title as Warden of the North. Meanwhile, Baelish visits Sansa in her room and questions why she would have backed up his claims, to which Sansa proclaims to understand what it is Baelish wants from her. Shortly thereafter, Baelish prepares to send Robin Arryn off to tour his future kingdom, while Sansa displays a more mature wardrobe. Meanwhile, Arya and The Hound finally arrive to the Bloody Gates of the Vale, wherein soldiers reveal that Lysa has been dead for several days, leading Arya to burst out in laughter, considering the whole point of their journey was for The Hound to sell her to her aunt. I talked to a lot of people and they couldn’t figure out why Arya just busted out with laughter and well the reason is very clear. I think Arya just has had enough it just seems like every time she tries to get dropped off with a relative they end up dying and she just can’t believe this keeps happening to her.

We then head to Kingslanding where we get the heart and soul of this episode. Tyrion and Jaimie enjoy a last drink before the former’s trial by combat, wherein Tyrion fixates on their mentally challenged cousin and his bizarre fixation from birth on smashing beetles. Tyrion recalls how he tried in vain to discover the source of his cousin’s obsession, all the while contemplating a live beetle of his own. Just then, the bells ring to signify the start of the trial, as Tyrion discards the beetle and is led to Oberyn’s pulpit, observing the man to be wearing surprisingly light armor, and drinking, which he claims to do before every battle. I was with the Viper on this one and I think in the books he explains that he needed to be faster than the Mountain. I will post the differences form Book to Show in a different post. Be cautious though there are some major SPOILERS in that post so read at your own risk. Here is the Link.

Anyways The fight begins, as Oberyn greatly utilizes his speed against the fearsome warrior, all the while demanding The Mountain confess to killing and raping his sister Ellia Martell and murdering her children. Oberyn manages to land several key strokes against The Mountain to the point of smacking his helmet off, knocking him to his back, and landing a few good stabs with his spear. However, Oberyn’s insistence on a confession ultimately provides The Mountain an upper hand. After grabbing his ankle and tipping him off balance, The Mountain manages to knock several of Oberyn’s teeth out before ultimately gouging out the Dornish prince’s eyes and crushing his skull while admitting to his heinous crimes. Ellaria Sand screams in horror at Oberyn’s fate, as Tywin proclaims that the gods’ justice has seen fit to condemn Tyrion to death. Just like that one if not two fan favorite characters are dead unless Tyrion can get it out of it some how I personally know the fate of Tyrion because i am a book reader but I won’t say anything on here because I hate ruining such a good show to those who have not read the books.


“The Mountain and the Viper” not only gave us a tense, exciting, and graphically tragic battle during the final ten minutes, but just about every single moment that led up to the fight was great. Sansa fully joining Team Baelish. Daenerys banishing Jorah after discovering that, once upon a time, he was spying on her for King Robert. Tyrion also gave a great performance as usual. Next week is all about the Nights Watch and their epic battle you won’t want to miss that one but over all this “The Mountain and The Viper” a A++ episode I give it a 9.5 out of 10.


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